Carpathian Forest Set DVD Release

(MMP) Metal Mind Productions presents a special limited edition of "We're Going To Hollywood For This: Live Perversions", the first ever DVD release by Norwegian black metal legend Carpathian Forest. The band is enjoying a near cult status ever since the release of their first demo tape "Bloodlust & Perversion" (1992).

The special edition of the DVD includes a bonus CD with audio version of tracks recorded at the show in Krakow. "We're Going To Hollywood For This – Live Perversions" DVD+CD is limited to 2000 copies. Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 27th April in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD).

The main feature of the DVD, recorded in Kraków in 2004, is accompanied by a massive collection of unique bonus tracks, both audio and video. Bonus video material includes: "Carpathian Forest" (videoclip), footage from the studio, 6 rare live bootlegs, incl. Mayhem's "Ghoul", 8 tracks recorded at Wacken Open Air 2003.

Bonus audio material includes: demo versions of e.g. Black Shining Leather or Mask of the Slave, 1 live audio track "He's Turning Blue", 6 pre-production tracks from "Defending the Throne of Evil", 1 track by World Destroyer (feat. Nattefrost, Vrangsinn and Kulde), an unique GRIMM demo (feat. Nattefrost and Nordavind). DVD also includes: biography, interview with the band leader Nattefrost, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, discography, photo gallery with rare and exclusive pictures, art gallery and much more!


1. Intro 1
2. Sadomasochistic
3. Bloodcleansing
4. Intro 2
5. It's Darker than you Think
6. Skjend Hans Lik
7. The Well of All Human Tears
8. Mask of the Slave
9. Morbid Fascination of Death
10. Return of the Freezing Winds
11. I am Possessed
12. Intro 3
13. Black Shining Leather
14. Carpathian Forest
15. He's Turning Blue
16. Nuclear ----ing Death Machine
17. Knokkelmann
18. Bloodlust and Perversion
19. Outro

Bonus video material:
Carpathian Forest (videoclip)

Rare live bootlegs, incl. Recording Of Defending The Throne Of Evil
1 Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead
2 Martyr / Sacrificulum
3 Suicide Song
4 Carpathian Forest
5 Ghoul (originally by Mayhem)
6 One With The Earth
WACKEN OPEN AIR 2003, incl.
1 Knokkelmann
2 It's Darker Than You Think
3 Skjend Hans Lik
4 The Well Of All Human Tears
5 Mask Of The Slave
6 Angel And The Sodomizer
7 One With The Earth
8 Black Shining Leather

Bonus audio:
1 Nostalgia (demo)
2 Pierced Genitalia (demo)
3 Third Attempt (demo)
4 The Swordsmen (demo)
5 Dødsangst (demo)
6 Black Shining Leather (demo)
7 The Northern Hemisphere (demo)
8 Mask of the Slave (demo)
9 He's Turning Blue (Pratteln 2001) (live)

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