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(PR) The new four-song digital EP from the Rentals, The Story of a Thousand Seasons Past, is available now. Produced by The Rentals and Dave Trumfio, the EP features Jamie Blake, Lauren Chipman, Dan Joeright and Rentals founder and front man Matt Sharp. The track 'Song Of Remembering' features a guest appearance by Pixies guitarist Joe Santiago.

Track Listing for The Story of a Thousand Seasons Past EP: 1) Song Of Remembering 2) Story of a Thousand Seasons Past 3) All I Have 4) Seven Years

The band has also launched a pre-order for the limited deluxe edition box set that will be released by the end of 2009. The box set will include Matt Sharp photography, all three EPs on both CD and Vinyl, a DVD, VIP backstage passes and much more.

The new EP can be streamed for free, embedded on any website in its entirety, and purchased at: - http://therentals.com/

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