Van Halen and Danzig Top Most Embarrassing List

(antiMusic) Since it is a slow news day but also our 11th anniversary we figured we would have some fun and as luck would have it, our friends over at Gibson.com had just the article! Enjoy: Being a rock star may seem like the most glamorous job on earth, but it can also come with its own set of humiliations. For example, if one of us trips on the street or in our apartment, chances are thousands of people worldwide won't care enough to email it to their friends and colleagues, but the same can't be said for Beyoncé.

Gibson.com's Jonah Bayer compiled a half dozen of what we consider to be the most embarrassing on-stage moments that have circulated on the Internet over the past few years. Here are the top 2:

Eddie Van Halen: Who would have ever guessed that Van Halen's rendition of "Jump" in Greensboro, North Carolina, two years ago would be so controversial? Things start out fine, but as soon as Eddie Van Halen comes in with the legendary guitar line it's evident that something is horribly wrong. It's already been debated to death whether the problem is Eddie's axe or a keyboard malfunction, but the only thing people seem to be able to agree on is the fact that one of rock's greatest guitar players was embarrassed onstage in front of thousands of fans this fateful night. That said, can you imagine how relived Van Halen's son Wolfgang was to realize that he wasn't the one ruining the band's signature anthem?

Glenn Danzig : It must kind of suck to be Glenn Danzig sometimes. Sure, the guy has fronted legendary acts like the Misfits and Samhain — and he's accumulated an impressive output via his solo career — but in recent years, he's gotten more attention for some of the less flattering aspects of his persona. Five years ago, Danzig was knocked out by the singer of the band North Side Kings in Arizona and in November of 2007, he received another brutal blow to his body when he fell offstage during a rendition of "How The Gods Kill" in Baltimore, Md. He ended up injuring his shoulder, but still made it back on-stage to finish the set, which is more than we'd be able to say for ourselves had the same thing happened to us. - Find out who else made the list and watch the videos of these incidents!

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