Exodus Plan Live DVD

(PR) Exodus guitarist Gary Holt and frontman Rob Dukes were interviewed in Montreal last Saturday during the band's current trek with Kreator, Belphegor, Warbringer, and Epicurean. Holt offers these details about their upcoming live DVD:

"Right now, we're working on finishing up our first official live DVD, Live At Wacken... which also comes with a bonus audio-only CD, so you actually are getting a live album out of the deal, and like an hour-and-a-half of behind-the-scenes insanity."

Dukes had this to say about his favorite moments captured for the DVD:"All of it is really just parts of the band that the fans never get to see. There's some really funny sh*t on there.

"There's us just being regular people... It seems people have a perceived idea of what it's like [to be in a band], and they'll get to see a lot more of it. It's surprisingly funny. My favorite is [guitarist] Lee [Altus] drunk on vodka. We'd sneak the camera in and hide it on him and just let him talk [laughter]. It's f*ckin' hysterical."

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