Adler Says GNR Not Guns N' Roses Without Him

(Blabbermouth) Ryan Ritchie of OC Weekly recently conducted an interview with original Guns N' Roses and current Adler's Appetite drummer Steven Adler. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On the fact that many people including Adler argue that his Guns N' Roses replacement Matt Sorum could never fill those shoes: "Yeah, I know that. And all the other guys know that. It's just Axl doesn't want to admit it. That's why the songs work because of all five of us. 'Use Your Illusion' would have been bigger than 'Appetite For Destruction' if it was recorded the way the demo tapes sounded. But every record they did with less members sold less and less."

On "Chinese Democracy", the latest Guns N' Roses record that's essentially Axl Rose and a revolving door of other guys: "He should have called it 'WAR.' W-A-R. W. Axl Rose. It only went gold, and that's not Guns N' Roses. They go double platinum in the first week." - more on this story

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