Isis Streaming New Album Online

(PR) Today, ISIS is unleashing the genre-bending epic Wavering Radiant on poor, unsuspecting ears via their official Myspace profile, a full week before its release.

Experts on melting faces and frying brains, the L.A. based five-piece have conquered lands far and wide with their unique approach to things often labeled "progressive" and "metal," in effect cutting a swath through pre-existing genre lines. May 5th, 2009 (Radiant's official release date) marks the group's graduation from avant-garde metal leadership to their rightful spot as one of this century's most original and pioneering alternative groups.

This, their fourth album for California-based Ipecac Recordings, stays true to the band's long-standing tradition of experimentation. The new set of recordings find vocalist/guitarist Aaron Turner and company at the peak of their powers, displaying an unparalleled sense of maturity and mastery of their respective instruments. - Stream ISIS' Wavering Radiant here

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