The Devil Vs Axl Rose and Lars Ulrich

(Blabbermouth) Johnson Cummins of the Montreal Mirror recently conducted an interview with Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse "The Devil" Hughes. And the Devil had a few things to say about other rockers including Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses.

On Axl Rose: "Like any other Guns N' Roses fan, I find Axl to be really insulting. He cost a lot of people their jobs, a lot of heartache and probably some mental breakdowns while he f***ed around on a record ['Chinese Democracy'] for 16 f***ing years just because he wanted to be a dick. I firmly believe that the gods of rock 'n' roll just chose me to kick him out of the gang for gross misuse of power. Axl still has the opportunity to do something that no one expects him to do, which is something cool. I honestly think he can do it, but first, he really needs to control himself a bit, and most importantly, get a real friend."

On other a$$holes in rock: "Lars Ulrich from Metallica is somebody who just really gets my gander up. You can tell the other guys in the band are cool and used to just be serious heshers who were probably whacked out on meth and would've kicked your ass in the '80s. On the other hand, you have Lars, who is just this swishy Mary who grew his hair long, put on a denim jacket and infiltrated this cool gang. The only time I met him, he was wearing a golf pantsuit and everybody was wondering who this fat golfer dude was acting like an a-hole in our backstage area. He could've been the greatest, but I went up to him after I figured out who he was and told him how much I loved Metallica, and he just looked through me and walked away. Thirty minutes later, Josh introduced me as the dude from the band, and he didn't even remember me from a half-hour before and went on about how he thought we were rad. The only thing I wanted to do at that point was kick his ass." - He's not done

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