The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players

(antiMusic) Time's music critic Josh Tyrangiel "picks" who he feels are the 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players. Left handed guitar God Jimi Hendrix heads up the list with this description, "The greatest of all time? Maybe. No one merged the blues, rock and psychedelia with as much ease or wielded a guitar with as much charisma."

Former Guns N' Roses axeman Slash lands in second place because " A remarkably precise player who had to put up with more crap from his lead singers than any other guitarist on this list. Does he make the cut partially because of the hat? Yes. Yes he does."

The rest of the list: 3. B.B. King 04. Keith Richards 05. Eric Clapton 06. Jimmy Page 07. Chuck Berry 08. Les Paul 09. Yngwie Malmsteen 10. Prince - Check out the full special here

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