Jimi Hendrix The Movie?

(Nightwatcher) The Guardian UK is reporting that Jimi Hendrix is set to become the latest in a string of musicians to have a biopic made about their lives if his estate will only agree to it.

Previous attempts to make a film about the life of the legendary guitarist have failed to meet with the approval of Hendrix's estate. In 2006, the high court prevented director John Hillman and Dragonslayer Films from making their proposed Hendrix biopic, ruling that the company had no rights to Hendrix's music or likeness, while Hendrix's estate, run by his stepsister Janie Hendrix, also refused to license music to a proposed film starring Outkast's Andre 3000.

But Variety reports that Legendary Pictures is planning a feature film about the life of the man named the greatest guitarist in rock history by Rolling Stone. Legendary will develop the project first and then win approval from the estate, it says discussions so far have been "loose", with no firm rights deal put in place. - more on this story

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