Exploding In Sound Offers Free Download of Bands You Need To Know 2009

(Exploding In Sound) Bands You Need To Know 2009 is a 100% FREE compilation CD showcasing the best and brightest independent bands in rock music. Please download this album, complete with full artwork, and check out great new music that truly NEEDS to be heard.

The bands comprising the album cover a wide range of styles including good ol' rock n' roll, indie, alternative, grunge, prog, shoegaze, alt/folk, and so much more. There is something for everyone, so please check out each of the bands participating on the compilation. I really love all these bands, and I'm certain that you will too! Feel free to pass the download link on to anyone and everyone you think might be interested.

As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is for as many people possible to hear it, and get a chance to check out these incredible new bands!! Spread the word and together we can help bring quality rock music back to where it should be. Please support these artists, and enjoy! - more info

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