Former Eagle Says The Band Refused To Take It To The Limit in Concert

(antiMusic) Our friend Ross CAT from Nightlife Magazine is no stranger to talking to legendary musicians. His latest conversation was with former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. It's a must read for any Eagles fan. Here is one question and answer from the exchange that caught our eye:

Ross CAT- While it may be a rarity one of the criticisms of the Eagles music was being over produced and the lack of spontaneity on stage. In the book you talk about the lack of freedom you felt during the bands live performances, tell us about those frustrations as a guitar player not being able to step outside the box?

Don Felder- For me improvisation is what turns me on as a musician. That being said it's not easily attainable and it's not a zone that everyone feels comfortable in. That's not to say you can't be a gifted artist without having the propensity to improvise. A prime example is Don Henley, he has to have a controlled environment as a songwriter and drummer. As a vocalist Don is brilliant and he's one of the most prolific songwriters ever, but his dexterity as a drummer is limited. I love his style but Don tends to keep it simple and contained so it's difficult for him to just jam. While the music of the Eagles is exceptional, every song and every show was literally scripted, that took away the opportunity for myself and Joe Walsh to be spontaneous which was most definitely frustrating at times. - Read the full interview

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