Jimi Hendrix Murder Conspiracy Even Wilder Than We Expected

(Rock Radio) In a story that rocketed round the web and traditional media last month, Rock Radio told how James 'Tappy' Wright was the only witness when Jimi Hendrix manager admitted to having murdered the guitarist. Wright, who worked with the Animals, Hendrix, Herman's Hermits and others, has told how businessman Mike Jeffrey, who later died in a plane crash, spilled the beans over a drink in his office.

In his book Rock Roadie, published on July 2, Wright says: "Mike told me: 'I had to do it, Tappy. You understand, don't you? You know damn well what I'm talking about. We went round to the hotel room, got a handful of pulls and stuffed them into his mouth, then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe. That son of a b***** was going to leave me. If I lost him, I'd lose everything.'"

While the revelations don't form a complete case against Jeffrey, Wright supplies more circumstantial evidence in his background material. He explains: "The truth was that Mike Jeffrey was ex-Secret Service and hadn't forgotten his training."... "'You forget they're people, Tappy. When they're coming over a ridge at you, they're just targets. The only time it gets difficult is when you have to go up close. There were times in North Africa when I had to creep right into the tents and knife them where they lay sleeping. You could hear the bayonet scrap against their ribs as the blade was pushed in. There was always that squeal and that grind of the knife against the bone.'

[Seems like someone got Special Forces and the Secret Service confused. Hop on the black stealth helicopter and read more here... make sure the CIA isn't listening in though] - more on this story

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