Paul Van Dyk Slams Radiohead

(exclaim.ca) Grammy-winning DJ Paul Van Dyk has taken the sentiments of artists like Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and the Cure's Robert Smith one step further, slamming Radiohead in a recent video interview with Time Out Chicago [via The Daily Swarm] about their pay-what-you-want model for their latest release, In Rainbows.

Van Dyk went on a lengthy rant against Radiohead during the interview, saying it was easy for Radiohead to ask their enormous fan base to pay what they want for album downloads, but the story wasn't nearly the same for upstart bands and small-time artists who didn't have such privileges.

Van Dyk then made the suggestion that Radiohead should act as a kind of music industry Robin Hood, taking money from eager consumers and doling it out to needy bands. [what a dreamer] - more on this story

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