Britney Vs Poland- Justin Timberlake Vs Stalkerazzo- Tokio Hotel Star Vs Bar Brawler- Michael Jackson Death a Homicide and more Poppies

(Day in Pop) Britney Spears' "Circus" won't be coming to Warsaw following a dispute between her international and Polish organizers. Kinga Bocianowicz, the manager of the Polish company that has been selling tickets, Agencja Akwarium, said the show had to be canceled because AEG Live, the chief organizer of the international tour, presented the Poles with a contract that was "unacceptable under Polish law and hence by us." more

Justin Timberlake's patience was tested on Tuesday as he faced off with an aggressive paparazzo who got too close to the star. A frustrated Timberlake was spotted trying to get past the man, who proceeded to bound directly in front of the star, putting down his camera and stepping up to his face. more

Tokio Hotel drummer Gustav Schaefer was reportedly injured in a fight at a nightclub in Germany on Sunday. According to the band's manager, Schaefer, 20, was injured at The Club in Magdeburg, his hometown. "In one of Magdeburg's night clubs, a stranger smashed two beer bottles on the head of Gustav," the band's manager and producer, David Jost, said in a statement. MTV has the details of the beatdown here

When the Jonas Brothers get some free time, they like to spend it playing softball. So, on Wednesday (July 15), the boys and their team, the Road Dogs, comprised of their road crew and dad Kevin Jonas Sr., decided to play some ball at the Riverfront Stadium just hours before their sold-out concert at the nearby Izod Center.more

The 10-year-gestation of Dr Dre's Detox album seems no closer to ending. And now, a new leak of a track has Ludacris rapping the part of Dre. Previous leaks have had TI pretending to be be Dre who, one assumes, will eventually cut the lyrics that others are writing for him. more

TMZ continues to milk Michael Jackson's death for all it is worth. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is treating Michael Jackson's death as a homicide according to a report from the Trash Media Zombies. Law enforcement sources REPORTEDLY have said that they are focusing their investigation on Jackson's personal physician, Conrad Murray. more

Whitney Houston appeared at the world premiere of her new album, I Look To You, in London on Tuesday night at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.more

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