Slash Almost Done With Solo CD Vocals

(antiMusic) Slash has taken to Myspace once again to fill fans in on what he is up to. Sorry, no big Velvet Revolver updates but he did tell fans the following about his solo album:

As far as the record goes, we're almost done with vocals, 2 more songs left and a couple odds and ends. Then, I can stand back and see what we've got. It is a f***ing awesome ensemble, that much I do know, with brilliant performances from each and every singer. I do hope to have a release date soon, but I can assure you, as I said before, it won't be this year. It will, most definitely, be out be very early in the new year. Even though the recording process is almost done, the legal logistics involved with so many different artists takes a minute to iron out.

When the record is released I plan on posting what gear was used on what songs; guitars, amps etc. Although, most of it was done with one guitar and 2 amps. A lot of interesting mike set-ups though. The record is being recorded anolog as well, this might be one of the last rock and roll records to be recorded that way, no joke. So, of course, I have to release it on vinyl, as well as cd. - Read the full update

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