Eyes Set To Kill Previewing New CD

(PR) Arizona based Eyes Set To Kill have streamed their entire new album "The World Outside" on their Myspace page. The album is slated to hit stores on June 2nd through BreakSilence Recordings.

"There were things that I put into this record that I've never told anyone before, not even my sister or some of my best friends," says Eyes Set To Kill's Alexia Rodriguez. "Writing was like therapy to me, because there are times when I feel so alone that I don't know how to express myself other than through music. This is who I am and what I do."

Lyrically, Eyes Set To Kill's "The World Outside" is like an unguarded look into the heart and mind of front woman Alexia Rodriguez. It's here that the singer-songwriter shines brightest, offering listeners a front row seat to watch her battle the singer-songwriter's darkest demons. Confronting difficult subjects such as her own insecurities, the pain of lost love and dealing with the expectations from fans, Alexia channels it all into the album. The album's title track confronts her own insecurity of being thrust into the spotlight, while the chilling album closer "Coming Home" is an open letter to her father who abandoned her at an early age. - Myspace link

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