Original Iron Maiden Vocalist Goes On A Tirade

(Blabbermouth) Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno took part in a press conference last month during his solo tour of Argentina. When asked about the rumors that his drug use had something to do with his split with Iron Maiden, Di'Anno responded, "Where the f**k do you people get this from? I left Iron Maiden because they were going too heavy metal, and Iron Maiden is a money-making machine, and I don't give a f**k about it. It was not about drugs; it was nothing like that.

"Me and Steve [Harris]... I [wrote] the song 'Killers', Steve had [what he thought] were better songs. I thought his songs were s***. Nothing to do with drugs; nothing whatsoever. Check your facts or otherwise this interview is over... I hate that! I f**king hate that! Because people... You say something but you don't know. Well, I'm telling you.

"Iron Maiden is Steve Harris' band. It doesn't matter about anybody else whether it's Dave Murray, Clive [Burr], me... it's Steve Harris' band and all it is is money, money, money, money nobody else counts. And I wrote f**kin' 20-times better songs than his, but I only got one song on the 'Killers' album because it's Steve's he must have this. F**kin' Adolf Hitler. I'm not interested. So there you go. But you need to take drugs when you're with Iron Maiden because they're so f**king boring. And the only drugs were aspirin, because Steve [making hand gesture as if someone is speaking into his ear]... F**kin' headache."

Video footage of the question-and-answer session can be viewed - here

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