Flying Machines in September

(EMI) Mix a singer/keyboardist who grew up on Queen, Billy Joel, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Ben Folds 5 with a guitarist steeped in Black Sabbath, Zeppelin and the Strokes, and the result is the dramatic, unique pop-rock-indie stylings that distinguish Flying Machines. As guitarist John Wlaysewski explains, "You get my abrasive dark metal and William's beautiful singer-songwritery thing. He brings the beauty, I bring the rock."

Inspiring apt and complimentary comparisons to Queen, Muse, Killers, the Police, and Keane, on its 10-song debut, Flying Machines mesh musical intellect with soul-searching lyrical acuity and passion. And they're also happy to bring back the guitar solo.

Flying Machines, in stores on September 8th, produced by Spencer Proffer and Steve Plunkett and mixed by Grammy Award-winner Tom Weir (No Doubt, Weezer, Tom Morello), is a revelation. William Ryan George's highly trained yet impassioned vocals are transporting, with the propulsive rhythm section of bassist Evan Joyce and drummer Ken Weisbach creatively anchoring the guitar and vocals. As producer/manager Proffer notes, "I hope that Flying Machines will bring the public back into a modern incarnation of great classic rock pop music, written by amazing live and ultra-musical bands such as Queen and Genesis, with the musicality of Yes and Rush."

Flying Machines' Meteor 17/EMI debut is the culmination of several years of diligent writing, recording and gigging for the New York City-based foursome. In addition to landing music on USA Networks' Psych promos, and their lauded win in Converse's "Get Out of The Garage" music contest, in 2008, Yahoo Music's LaunchCast gave Flying Machines a "test flight" to gauge consumer reaction. "On a Whim" received 500,000 BDS spins in three months, becoming the #1 most-played song on Yahoo's "Who's Next" for three weeks running. "On a Whim" is also available on the Journeys CD compilation, available for free after a $75 purchase of Converse gear.

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