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(PR) Shape-shifting performer, song-sculptor, and actor, 20-year old Slim Twig is offering up a mixtape called 'Spit It Twig (Vol.1)' as a freebie download in support of his forthcoming full-length Paper Bag Records debut, Contempt!.

In the spirit of hip-hop mixtapes, it's a mishmash of Slim messing with samples from tracks he likes (old Wu Tang, etc), tracks remixed from the album, with Slim singing other lyrics over instrumentals, etc. He's printed up physical copies to give out at shows and has it up on his MySpace. Slim and his Mercy Mercenaries have a series of US dates in June (below) with Japandroids, and will be doing another run in August.

'Spit It Twig! (Vol. 1)' was conceived as a literal version of my Contempt! album. I thought it would be fun to take the initial concept of making a sample-based album ala Wu-Tang Clan combined with my own style of vocalizing to its most obvious conclusion: a mixtape of original lyrics over Wu-Tang (and similarly inspired) beats. In this way, it should play as a skeletal blueprint of the actual album. The idea of contributing my own take on mixtape culture at large in this instance was a great fit, since it shares an exuberance for re-appropriation that I hoped to achieve with Contempt!" -Slim Twig

Download Slim's 'Spit It Twig! (Vol. 1)' Mixtape as you contemplate how these hip hoppers comes up with such silly names. - Download it here

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