The Bleakest, Darkest Doom Metal Ever Recorded?

(PR) 'Occult Horror Doom' metal band Moss has completed work on its new album. The sinisterly titled Tombs of the Blind Drugged will drop in North America on July 7th via Rise Above Records.

Hailed as, "the bleakest, darkest doom metal ever recorded," MOSS cooks up eerie "anti-music" that transmits the occult like none other. The band's monstrous groan, which has been described as sounding akin to "An enormous door slamming in the depths of Hell," is an exercise in esoteric, subterranean molten doom metal.

Recorded at Wales' Foel Studios (My Bloody Valentine, Blue Cheer) in the winter of 2008, Tombs of the Blind Drugged sees MOSS' unique brand of extremity and terror reach new depths as monolithic riffs and grim vocals consort with Dr. Phibes-like organ playing, extreme bass frequencies and mysterious "chant atmospheres".

The quasi-conceptual recording sees horror history and the occult collide head on "in a nod to the films of Spanish film director Amando De Ossorio, as a sect of Templar knights adopt the esoteric drug rites and rituals of the Hashshashin." The album is a devastating account of "secret teachings, unspoken sciences and mind-controlling riffs" alchemically distilled to a total purification of "Occult Horror Doom."

The final track listing for Tombs of the Blind Drugged is as follows:

1. Skeletal Keys (12:28)
2. Tombs of the Blind Drugged (10:51)
3. Serpent (11:17)
4. Maimed and Slaughtered (5:53)

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