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(PR) Norwegian Progressive Metal veterans, Madder Mortem, will release their highly anticipated album, Eight Ways, in the United States, on June 16th on Peaceville Records. Eight Ways is the follow up to the band's acclaimed 2006 Peaceville release, "Desiderata", as well as the band's fifth studio album since their inception in 1997.

Eight Ways was recorded, produced, and mixed at the band's studio on the Norwegian countryside. Although recording the new album may have taken a bit longer than it had in the past, the extra time allowed Madder to perfect every detail of each song. The result is a record that truly encompasses all the musical splendor that is MADDER MORTEM.

The band comments, "The closer we stick to the Madder Mortem family, the better the result. This time around, we spent our studio budget on equipment, and recorded Eight Ways ourselves. It wasn't a particularly easy or speedy process, but that is entirely irrelevant: We were able to make a record that is exactly what we wanted to make. There is nothing more important than being absolutely true to your own art."

With regards to Eight Ways, Bravewords.com states, "This is music that demands your attention and grips until it can grip no more…Madder Mortem sound like no one else and nothing you've ever encountered. Why can't more bands be this adventurous? Maybe the answer is hidden somewhere on this remarkable, life-affirming record. Either way, it's well worth losing yourself in its labyrinth of dark delights. You may never leave."

1 Formaldehyde
2 The Little Things
3 Armour
4 Resolution
5 A Different Kind of Hell
6 The Riddle Wants to Be
7 Where Dream & Day Collide
8 The Flesh, the Blood, and the Man
9 Get That Monster Out of Here
10 Life, Lust, & Liberty
11 All I Know
12 The Eighth Wave

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