Jet Create Real Horrorshow Label For New Release

(PR) Jet, the Australian rockers will release their [overused cliche removed] Shaka Rock on August 25 on their newly created Real Horrorshow Records through the Five Seven Music imprint with distribution and services through EMI Label Services in the US, UK and Canada and by EMI in the rest of the world under license.

This global priority will feature a worldwide coordinated plan of converging marketing, touring, publicity promotion, sales, distribution and other support from EMI and Five Seven Music. This move reunites the band with EMI and key members of the team that originally broke them out of Australia in 2003.

After four million albums sold worldwide and four Top Ten Modern Rock and Rock hits (including the #1 "Cold Hard b*****"), the authentic Australian rockers have returned to form with an album that parallels their smash, Get Born, which produced hits like "Are Your Gonna Be My Girl" and "Cold Hard b*****."

The new album closes the gap between the raw roots of Get Born and the grace and melody of Shine On which together went on to make JET an international band of style and substance. Shaka Rock captures the charisma and energy of classic rock and roll with just enough punk swagger and contemporary flair to create something uniquely JET. The single "She's A Genius" goes to radio on June 22 and a viral video for the track "K.I.A." is making its way around the internet.

The JET album builds upon a deal announced last month between EMI and The Eleven Seven Music Group in which EMI will release and market The Eleven Seven Music Group's roster in the UK and Europe. In addition to those territories, EMI Label Services will work with imprint Five Seven Music to release the JET album in the US and Canada and the rest of the world including support from EMI's promotion, merchandising, digital and physical distribution, licensing, synchronization and brand partnerships teams.

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