Mayhem Tour Falls Apart

(antiMusic) It looks like the Blackenedfest has fallen apart, according to a statement issued by Cephalic Carnage. The tour, headlined by Mayhem and was supposed to be feature Marduk, Withered, Cattle Decapitation and Cephalic Carnage for the full run, ran into trouble from the start with Marduk missing the kick off due to visa issues and Withered pulling out prematurely.

As of Tuesday night, the tour's Myspace still lists several dates through June 15th. However, it looks like Sunday's show in Denver was the last hurrah for the outing, if we read Cephalic Carnage's statement correctly. Here is what they had to say according to Metal Underground: "So, unfortunately, we were reluctantly forced to stay in Denver as the Blackenedfest Tour was unable to continue. We sincerely apologize to the friends and fans who've been waiting a while to see us and this tour.

"We want to thank Thunderdome for having us out, as we had an absolutely amazing time with Withered, Cattle Decapitation, all the crew and of course Mayham. We promise to make up the dates we didn't get to play...we ALMOST had the $70 dollar-a-shirt-cool-guy-tight-shirt company Affliction ready to pay for us to be helicoptered to the each of the rest of the tour dates, but they pulled the deal after they found out we stopped shaving our legs which was the part of the contract we decided we couldn't go through with, (except John). Anyways we've got some serious time off now, and we're going to commence with getting our long awaited reality-tv DVD completed, getting on with writing the next full length, and writing the 2nd installment of H.O.A., as well as finishing construction of our late night poutine stand, where we will serve country-fried giraffe eggs and your favorite French-Canadian specialty. "
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