Synastry Soph Preview

(PR) Montreal based death metal quartet Synastry have Posted the new songs "Dividing The Double Helix" and "Dead To Me" from their sophomore album "Our Memetic Imprints" on their Myspace page.

The album was recorded in Montreal with producer JF Dagenais from Kataklysm and is expected to surface in late 2009.

"The new album 'Our Memetic Imprints' brings to the table what Synastry has been about since we started: intense, intricate music that carries a message home and isn't filled with the same shallow pretenses that modern music seems to be brimming with these days," says front man Jimmy Anastasopoulos. "Musically, vocally and lyrically, we have grown as a band, and life on the road has been a great part of that growth." - Myspace link

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