Why You Can't Compare Chickenfoot To Van Halen

(antiMusic) Our friend Ross CAT recently spoke with Chickenfoot's Michael Anthony after witnessing their "must see" live performance. Here is one of Ross and Michael's exchanges:

Do you feel the Chickenfoot lineup takes any Van Halen comparisons out of the equation by assembling a group of established musicians like Chad & Satch? Michael Anthony: I really do. It wasn't like we reacted to what anyone else was saying or doing, it's just a group of gifted musicians getting together and doing what they love to do. It just so happens that those jam sessions lead us to some creative common ground.

We're extremely proud of what we've done in our pasts musically but for the initial stages of the tour we are consciously staying away from doing any Van Halen, Chili Peppers or anything from Satch's amazing solo catalog. This project is all about a new band presenting new songs; what makes it even more exciting is the prospect of playing them live for the fans. On this little Club Circuit tour, we've been tearing through the entire album along with the bonus track "Bitten by the Wolf".

For the encore we've been kicking around a couple of oldies that we thought people might like to hear, "Highway Star" by Deep Purple and "Bad Motor Scooter". While the latter is a tune Sammy wrote with Montrose it's the perfect song for him to strap on the guitar and slug it out a little with Satch on stage, it's been an absolute riot. - Read the full interview, check out photos and a live review

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