Massive DJ Scam Bust

(exclaim.ca) Following a massive investigation by a joint venture of the FBI and Scotland Yard's Central E-Crime Unit, nine UK DJs have been arrested for allegedly using stolen credit cards to buy their own music via Apple's iTunes and Amazon, which not only gave the tricksters a boost in income but their chart standings as well.

Here's how the scam worked: a group of DJs recorded 19 compilations, put them on the service providers' sites, then downloaded them 65,000 times on accounts set up with stolen cards.

Recognizing something was amiss last December, a number of credit card companies warned Apple that the accounts were bogus. That prompted a deeper probe that led to nine people being arrested across the UK yesterday (June 10). They are charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. The investigation spanned London and New York.[what do you expect, these folks steal other people's music don't they?] - more on this story

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