Motley Booed

(Blabbermouth) Motley Crue played a headlining show last night (Wednesday, June 10) at KB Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The group's performance coincided with a football (soccer) World Cup qualifier game between Sweden and Malta that took place in nearby Gothenburg, Sweden.

During a rendition of the hit ballad "Home Sweet Home", a drunk Swedish fan apparently threw his country's flag on stage and Crue frontman Vince Neil wrapped it around his shoulders causing some of the audience members to start booing while the band continued playing the song.

According to one attendee, "Vince had no idea what was going on, so he tried to wave the flag to please the audience. That didn't help him. He then put it down for a while only to pick it up again. The audience started yelling even louder than before, while Vince just kept on waving that Swedish flag. It looked like Tommy [Lee, drums] finally figured out what was wrong and they threw the flag to the ground." - Watch the video

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