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(PR) Adrina Thorpe: The Southern California singer/songwriter/pianist's sophomore album, Halflight And Shadows (due out June 30 on Bravelight Records), will lead you from dark to light on the quest for a beautiful life. Her style reflects the softer side of music, with a haunting voice and a delicate touch at the piano.

As the songs on Halflight And Shadows were collected over the course of a few years writing, concepts of light & dark; day & night; shadows & starlight; midnight & sunlight emerged, weaving in and out of the lyrics. It gradually became evident that this was a thematic album, and the songs are ordered to progress from dark to light. The album deals with the quintessential struggles of life in a world where there is no light without dark, no joy without pain. Songs like "Coming Home," "Kiss the Day" and "Heal" deal with learning to appreciate what you have and focusing on the lovely even in the darkest and most painful of times, whereas songs like "Everything Changes," "Domino" and "Walk" deal with directly rejecting the lies that hold people captive in the fight for freedom. They're ordered progressively with a hidden "character" who journeys from the darkest brokenness to becoming transformed and swept away by beauty.

"Emptiness inspires me," explains Thorpe. "Silence beckons me, thrills me, fills me with ideas. I love to write. It's a passion I've had since I was very little. Melodies are all little miracles, and the perfect arrangements are like discovering heaven. I hope I can contribute beauty to the silence in the air. It's such an ache...to create something truly beautiful...you have no idea how many little melodies have flitted from my mind onto the same tape player I've had since I was hardly ten years old. Even though I've had the opportunity to work with several top notch producers, that beat up little tape recorder always ends up being more convenient at the moment of inspiration."

When it came time to record Halflight And Shadows, Adrina enlisted the help of some of her close musician friends, including producer Filippo Gaetani (My Excellence, Malina), drummer Randy Cooke (Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr, Kelly Clarkson), cellist Dave Takahashi (Sheryl Crow, Sting, Kanye West), violinist Chris Woods (Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Faith Evans, Dr. Dre) and drummer Fernando Sanchez (Luis Fonsi, Charlotte Martin).

Although Adrina Thorpe may be best known for her writing and vocals on DJ Shah's 2007 international trance hit "Who Will Find Me," which the world's #1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren, has spun for crowds of over 30,000 and named his favorite song for the last two years, Adrina's passion has always been for music in the contemplative alternative pop genre. As DJ Shah proclaimed: "Adrina is amazing. To be honest, I think she deserves to be a superstar like Dido or Sarah McLachlan. I'm so happy that I found her and that she is up to work with me. I have some big plans with her for the future."

A classically trained musician, Adrina has built a dedicated fan base that made her 2005 debut album, ELUSIVE, one of the top three most Podcasted independent albums. Her songs have been featured on the CW and Lifetime Networks, as well as several independent films.

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