And You Thought Only Rappers Use Silly Names

(PR) Aretha Franklin. Tina Turner. Etta James. Linda Rodney! Linda, who performs under the name of Chocolate Thunder, is determined to reach the success levels of these blues, rock, jazz, and R&B divas, and with her amazing voice and dynamic stage presence, her destiny is written in the stars.

On Thursday June 25th, the thunder will roar as diva Linda Rodney aka Chocolate Thunder brings her blues, jazz and r&b/beach music to the masses with her new CD release "Ear Candy". Featuring 12 new songs produced by Franklin Wilkie (The Marshall Tucker Band), Chocolate Thunder delivers her music with delectable soulful flavor to everyone's delight.

Born and living in Greenville, South Carolina, Linda traveled the paths in her music career through the "College of Hard Knocks". "That is why I sing the blues," she affirms. At a very young age, Linda was immersed in the music her parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends listened to, ranging from Patti LaBelle and Shirley Cesar to Muddy Waters and the Grand Dame of rockin' soul Aretha Franklin. The church mentored the young Linda while she polished her vocal prowess singing with the children's choir, and wowed church parishioners with her powerful and mature vocal capabilities.

Linda's career has always involved performing on stage. She acted for several years while on the roster of JTA Talent in nearby Charlotte, NC, and also modeled for eight years with the Millie Lewis Agency in Greenville, SC. But Linda's first love was always music, particularly the blues. "You see, I not only can sing the blues, but I also know why we sing it," is the credo that Linda emulates through her moving performances.

After expanding her vocal skills training with opera singer Sarah Reece, she hit the club, festival and event markets in South Carolina, crossed the continent to perform in California, and traveled overseas to perform in Paris, France. Linda's music career is filled with treasures including performing with numerous bands such as the Main Street Blues Band, Palmetto Blues Boys, and the Blues Beat Band. Eventually, Linda stepped out on her own and formed her own band, performing under the moniker Chocolate Thunder. Over the years, she has shared the stage and opened for legendary artists including Little Pink Anderson, Elmore James, Jr., Sandra Hall, and B.B. King. People began to notice Linda, not just for her sonic but soulful voice, but for her incredible stage presence. "Every show I give 100% no matter what," she says. "I want to present myself as being professional, fun, and self-assured."

In 2007, Linda entered the studio to record her own tunes as a result of numerous fan requests. Although it can be difficult to write truly original blues songs, Linda flawlessly succeeds as evidenced on her debut CD release "Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree." The demand for Linda's music continues to grow. Linda is already touring at festivals and venues to support her new musical calling card. "I love to give it all I've got. In the past years of pursuing my career in singing the blues, it has been a beautiful and unforgettable ride."

Album Information
Title: Ear Candy
Artist: Linda Rodney aka Chocolate Thunder
Track Listing
1. Love Thang 4:57
2. Power of a Lady 4:53
3. I Got My Act Together 4:34
4. Other Side of Memphis 4:00
5. It's All Good 4:28
6. Love Caused It 5:06
7. Ever New 4:24
8. My Georgia Pine 5:35
9. Bring it On 4:23
10. Just Gotta Tell Ya 4:20
11. Ain't Gonna Cry 5:24
12. 555-HELP 3:59

Her musicians include the cream of the crop from the Southeastern region:
Tez Sherard, Creig Harber - Drums
Jeff Holland - Percussion
Rickey Godfrey, Kym MacKinnon, Buddy Strong - Guitar
Steve Keeter, Rickey Godfrey, Ronnie Godfrey (clavinet) - Keyboards
Tony Kennedy - Saxophone
Greg Day, Rich Parlier, Craig Sorrells - Trumpet
Wesley Day - Trombone
Kim Morrison, Ronnie Godfrey, Rickey Godfrey, Tony Kennedy, Cindy Orr, George Wise - Background Vocals

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