Air Force Vet Ryan Daniel Offers Up Love Life and Memories

(PR) Ryan Daniel has released his debut CD, Love Life and Memories, fittingly titled as Ryan feels a connection to each song chosen.

Love Life and Memories includes a track titled "Unknown Soldier". "The song hit me because I served 10 years in the Air Force", says Ryan, "and once a soldier, always a soldier. You feel those emotions of war for the rest of your life. If the President says we are going to war, whether you agree or not, you go," Ryan continues. "That's what we signed up for, that's our duty, that's just what we do. And in some cases you might be the Unknown Soldier."

Ryan Daniel was deployed to the Middle East several times to serve in our fight for freedom overseas. While in the service, he was selected to join the elite musical touring group "Tops in Blue." As a member of this prestigious Air Force production, Ryan toured all over the world, entertaining an estimated 250,000 troops and civilians alike. This opportunity led to him meeting his producer, Barry Best. In August of 2005, Ryan left the military to pursue his dream of music. - more on this story

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