Scarcity Of Tanks Tour

(HWPR) "No Endowments" is the Total Life Society debut from Scarcity Of Tanks, recorded in Cleveland, Ohio and Oakland, California over the years 2007-2008 by Ted Wiggs Null Flynn, Paul Maccarone, Nate Scheible, and Weasel Walter (The Flying Luttenbachers). The band will be undertaking their first ever UK tour

The record demonstrates Scarcity Of Tanks more rock and roll side, with relatively tighter songs than witnessed by many of their live shows over the past five years. The band had played countless gigs across the U.S. before releasing any recordings because Wascovich wanted to flesh out SoT's sound before releasing a proper record.

For "No Endowments," he relied on getting his musical ideas across with old time punk Clevelanders Dave Cintron, Ted Wiggs Null Flynn, Andrew Klimek, Nate Scheible, Dan Wenniger and Oakland's Weasel Walter resulting in 11 songs of notable sounds that are parts rock, punk, jazz, and ethnic music combined with a powerful lyrical exploration.

Saturday, September 5 - Brighton
Sunday, September 6 - Bristol
Monday, September 7 - Liverpool
Tuesday, September 8 - Glasgow
Wednesday, September 9 - Edinburgh
Thursday, September 10 - Newcastle
Friday, September 11 - Leeds
Saturday, September 12 - London

Touring line up will be:

Rat Bastard* - bass
Chris Grier - guitar
Weasel Walter - drums
Matthew Wascovich - vocals

*replacing Mike Watt

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