Oceana Call It A Day

(Lambgoat) Floridian post-hardcore/rock band Oceana has broken up. Formed in 2007, the group has put out two releases with Rise Records. The band explains:

"This breakup has nothing to do with any one member. We're all best friends and we all sat down and talked this through. It's not that we are not happy with the response from the new album. We knew the change would be a bit rocky and our kind of music isn't exactly what's popular right now.

"A lot of kids would rather listen to songs riddled with breakdowns and over auto-tuned vocals. That is exactly why we appreciate our fans so much, you guys aren't just going with the trend. We all decided that our hearts were in different places at this time in our lives. We're all young and we guarantee this won't be the last you hear of us. Maybe you'll get five new bands out of the deal." - more on this story

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