Velvet Revolver Audition Tracks Leaked

(antiMusic) Blabbermouth has Posted two videos of previously unreleased Velvet Revolver tracks named "Motha ----a" and "Clappy" that feature lead vocals by Gord Prior of the London, Ontario, Canada-based bad Blu Bones.

Blabbermouth reports: The songs were demoed in instrumental form by Velvet Revolver members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum and were shipped off to potential singers by VR's management as part of a lengthy audition process. Gord was sent the music only and had to come up with of his own vocal melodies, words and vocal arrangements.

There's been little news out of the Velvet Revolver camp lately regarding a new singer for the band, although auditions have reportedly been ongoing. - More on that plus check out the songs

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