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(PR) On 12th March 2009, Peter Doherty will turn thirty years old. He capped the last year of his twenties by exhibiting his artwork in Paris, and selling out his solo show at London's renowned Royal Albert Hall. And on March 24, Peter will see the release of his first solo album, Grace/Wastelands. Putting out an album with only his name on the cover, says Peter, is one of the most frightening things he has ever done.

Dot Allison co-wrote and sings on "Sheepskin Tearaway," and his Babyshambles bandmates play throughout, but the biggest impact on the album was the inimitable presence of another unique English artist. "Graham Coxon ended up playing on most tracks," Peter beams. "He was probably in the studio more than I was, to be honest," he notes with a wink.

So, having laid himself bare, Peter has left himself open for critical analysis, but, for once, he is ready for it. "I'm really curious to find out what people honestly think of [the songs] , particularly critics, because in a way you can kind of bank on certain people's opinions, you know? You know that if someone's into you then they're into you, whereas critics are gonna look at it less subjectively and pick holes if you like. That's what I'm waiting for really." - His PR sent over this link to a free download Mp3 of "New Love Grows On Trees"

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