Lawnmower Deth Added To Download

(Our Caps Key Is Like Crack To Us Records) Old-school British thrash metallers LAWNMOWER DETH are finally realising their dream, as the band recently announced that they will be performing at Download Festival this Summer.

LAWNMOWER DETH bassist CHRIS "MIGHTYMO DESTRUCTIMO" PARKES comments: "I guess from my point of view it's every young aspiring rock gods dream. I went to my first Donington in 1984 when I was still at school and 15/16 years of age with Concorde Face Ripper and was absolutely blown away, and to think that our little band that was kind of created in our minds around that time would actually be playing the festival some 25 years later is just amazing.

"We have done one gig in 13 years and have no management (and never have), no record company, nothing to promote, no agent, no tour manager and have always done everything ourselves - it is incredible that we are on this bill and take absolutely nothing for granted, we are chuffed as ****. And it also shows that even crap little bands like ours can kind of make it. Can't wait!"

Vocalist QUALCAST MUTILATOR sums it all up: "Beer, sun, Download, Lawnmower Deth, chaos, fish dancing, snail horns.......... party."

Catch LAWNMOWER DETH live on Saturday, 13th June at Download Festival on the Tuborg Stage.

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