Rosie Flores Breaks Her Arm and Asks Fans For Help

Rockabilly Filly, Rosie Flores breaks arm, is uninsured, needs your help! Late last week, just as she was about to kick off a slate of tour dates with Jon Langford, Rosie took a nasty spill and broke her arm - her humerus, to be specific. It's a nasty break, and the doctors think she might need surgery, though we're not sure yet - and this is going to lay her up until at least her East Coast tour dates in late May. Poor Rosie!

Even worse is the fact that, like many other musicians, Rosie doesn't have any health insurance. She also was relying on this upcoming tour to pay the bills for awhile, and now she's just laid up, and struggling.

So, if you can help Rosie with a few bucks, go to the more link below. She truly is one of the grandest ladies on the scene today, and deserves nothing but good thoughts, and all of our help. So, chip in, please, and tell your friends! - more on this story

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