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Stigma have made their track "The Undertaker" available for free streaming/download on MetalInjection.net. When asked about the song, vocalist Vlad Ghersi writes:

"'The Undertaker' is definitely one of our favorite songs of the record, it's the very last we wrote before heading to the studio and I think it's hand down the catchiest song we've written so far!

Lyrics wise, I'm sorry to let you all down, but this song is not about the WWE superstar! In fact, like all the others featured on our new album, 'Concerto For The Undead,' is inspired by stories taken from the Tales From The Crypt comics! In this particular case I got inspired by a story entitled 'Fitting Punishment', where an old man� an undertaker in a small village, gets rid of his dead sister's son after treating him like a slave because he had no place to go after his mother died. After beating the young guy to the point he had to walk with crutches for the rest of his life, the miserable old man kicked him down the stairs to use a coffin he made by mistake! Of course this isn't the end of the story, cause the undertaker had a lame visit a few days later�!" - Grab it here

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