Rob Zombie Inspired by 70s Icons Queen and Elton John

Wonder what inspired Rob Zombie's theatric nature? It wasn't just the king of Shock, Alice Cooper. It goes much deeper than that. Gibson reports: It's no surprise that Rob Zombie was hugely influenced by shock rocker, and tour partner, Alice Cooper in his musical performances. But he recently told Spinner.com that he also is a fan of less dastardly '70s rock acts.

"It was the whole scene of the music when I was coming up [that influenced me]," Zombie said. "What formed my opinion when I was a kid was KISS, Alice Cooper, Elton John, Queen... everything was larger than life and everything was a show and that never left me. That may have left the world, somewhat, but that never left me."

Zombie, who has also directed films such as The Devil's Rejects, says that rock and roll has been missing plenty of theatricality, and it's been that way for a while. "Fifteen years ago when White Zombie [existed], everyone was like, 'Why do you have pyro? Why do you have this? Why do you have that? No one likes that anymore, that's old news.' And I'm like, 'Well, the 15,000 kids that were just going [expletive], somehow they didn't give me the vibe that it was old news.'" - more on this story

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