Rolling Stones Monopoly Game Coming In Time for Christmas

The Beatles did it a couple years ago and now following historical precedent, The Rolling Stones are next to release a branded version of Monopoly that is set to hit stores in time for Christmas.

Gibson reports: In Rolling Stones Monopoly, the famous streets and avenues of the original edition are replaced with Stones releases. Baltic Avenue becomes Sticky Fingers and Park Place turns into A Bigger Bang.

But it's not just the street spaces the entire game has been given a Stones makeover. Chance and Community Chest cards have become Lyrics and Licks, the four railroads are now different Stones tours and instead of paying a Luxury Tax, players will now have to purchase concert tickets. There are no houses or hotels, but gold and platinum records to add to your properties. Plus, while you play the game, you won't be guiding a racecar or a thimble around the board, but a tour bus, a drum set or a bunch of wild horses. - more on this story

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