Kid Rock Angered

(Gibson) Kid Rock is none too pleased with ticket brokers who purchased blocks of tickets for his January 15 birthday concert at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. More than 45,000 tickets sold out in less than 19 minutes for Rock's show. As is common practice for big concerts, brokers bought lots of tickets and are now selling them for a premium price.

"I am a musician. I did not attend college and barely made it out of high school," Rock wrote on his website. "I try my hardest to keep my ticket prices low. This I have control of!! I cannot control nor do I understand how the [expletive] the scalpers and all the secondary websites and [expletive] get them.

"I feel like someone is beating up a close friend or family member while I'm chained to a chair. I try to understand it, I try to ask my managers and people in the business I know to help me understand it, but it seems they don't either. The only way I know right now to stop it is to not buy from these people or wait till the last minute when they're scared they can't sell them and have to sell them cheap." - more on this story

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