Jimi Hendrix Enters Gibson's Revolutionary Hall of Fame

Gibson.com presents the inaugural class of the Gibson Revolutionary Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors musical artists whose contributions went beyond mere entertainment and actually altered the art form, the business or the technology of popular music. This year's inductees were chosen in a recent poll on Gibson.com, asking fans and pros to decide the Top 50 Most Revolutionary Artists of the Past 100 Years. The list of inductees is composed of the top five vote recipients from the reader's poll, as well as the top five from the overall combined poll of fans and professionals. As there was some overlap between the lists, a total of seven artists have been honored. Today we celebrate one such honoree: Jimi Hendrix.

When Neil Young inducted Jimi Hendrix into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he tried, like many of us, to articulate just what it was about Jimi that was so unique, so rare, and so special.

"Truly, one thing was happening, just no technique that you could take note of chords that I could recognize no hand movements that I could go, "I know what that is." I didn't know what any of it was. I just looked at it, and I heard it, and I wanted to do it." more on this story

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