Janie Hendrix Discusses New Jimi Hendrix Album

Veteran music journalist Larry LeBlanc has an in-depth article and interview with Janie Hendrix, the president/CEO of Experience Hendrix, who handle all things Jimi Hendrix. They cover a variety of topics, here is just one small excerpt where they discuss the new Valleys of Neptune album. Why so long for this album to be issued? Well, after we started Experience Hendrix (in 1995) we knew that we had 10 years of recordings. This (album) was going to be part of the first phase. Then, when we found the Chas Chandler tapes for a box set, that took precedent. Then, along with some of the other releases, we pushed it back to the second phase. Knowing that we would have another 10 more years of music really makes us more valuable to Jimi, and to the record company.

Have you waited too long for this release of unheard tracks given the downward spiral of physical sales, and illegal downloading online? Here it is four decades later (after Jimi's passing). In two years, Jimi would have been 70. Hard to imagine. I don't think we have waited too long because record sales are still doing well. Four months after any given release of an album (by Jimi) it goes "gold," and it increases the catalog. The fans that love Jimi's music are not only loyal, but the older ones have followed him. They have seen Jimi in concert. They are now teaching the younger generation about him. We have fans as young as pre-teens wanting Jimi's music. As every generation goes by, the kids are getting more and more excited about his music.

This "Valleys of Neptune" is an incredible album. It sounds as if it was recorded this year. It's fresh. It's new. It's exciting. It doesn't sound as if it was recorded in the '60s. It sounds as if Jimi here with us today and creating music still.

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