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Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Michael Vampire from Vampires Everywhere tells us about "Immortal Love" from their brand new release "Lost In The Shadows," which hits stores next week (Feb 9). We now turn it over to Michael for the story:

Immortal Love... I guess I should start by saying our new EP "Lost In The Shadows" is a concept album based upon a journal that is found. In this journal contains the writings of Michael Vampire & his journey through life as an immortal. The whole idea came to me in a dream, many dreams to be precise. I felt a voice calling to me & drawing me into a realm of which would change my life forever. Each song on the EP tells a story about a journal entry in Michael Vampire's diary of sorts. It is a tragic tale of love and revenge. However, without a doubt Michael Vampire & his crew are evil. There is no happy ending on the EP only misery. I choose "Immortal Love" as the first single because it tells the tale of destiny. It describes how a girl is trapped within herself battling her true emotions, which is brought out by the dark figure within her dreams. Everyone has evil inside them, but few people ever show that side to the public. Our actress in the video ( Trishelle Cannatella) really brings my vision to life. I pictured a pretty valley girl type being lured to the dark side. The girl has "Nightmare On Elm Street" type dreams about this dark male figure luring her deeper & deeper into her dark soul. The dark figure also keeps showing up in real life circumstances , like at a party or at her college. At first she's freaked out by him, but then horror turns to intrigue. By the end of the story she meets face to face with the dark character, which is Michael Vampire. She is then bitten and turned to the dark side where she always belonged. The reason I keep emphasizing "where she belongs" is mainly due to my belief in destiny. I believe we are all put here on this earth for a reason and these reasons come to fruition during different life changing events. Many people choose not to follow their true instincts and thus are stuck in a limbo of misery and misfortune. Others follow their heart and create amazing things for themselves. I guess this notion could be a double edge sword, however, in this story evil is the release and the right choice.

The music surrounding the story is a combination of many different influences. However, we had a hard time labeling ourselves into a genre after hearing the final product. Since the whole band considers themselves "real vampires" we figured "Vampire Rock" would fit us just fine. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I didn't factor in what the critics would say about us. Haha, in fact i felt it was time to challenge these close minded ideals and maybe break down some walls. The whole band figured it would be immoral to fake who we really are and just try to fit in. We were all sick of the labels being put onto bands with energy and a dark image so we decided to follow our hearts. Many critics will try pin point us as "Trend Hounds" , or people that see something happening in commercial America & jump aboard the trend. However, anyone that knows me personally knows that I've been this way since I was born & embraced. I grew up watching Bela Lugosi & Dark Shadows. It's not my fault that my life revolves around the undead & unexplained social phenomena. It is my destiny to be exactly where i am right now & that is in Vampires Everywhere!

As far as the recording we choose Paul Leavitt to produce our EP for many different reasons. However, the number one reason had to be his amazing ear. This man really hears everything going on within the production of the record itself. We also thought it would be amazing to record with a producer that would be out of his element with our production. We felt a typical "dark" producer would just not do! We needed a pop producer to lure to the dark side. We all felt it would give a different feel to the record and would definitely put a different spin on things. Paul did an amazing job capturing our sound. I think we made the wise decision recording with him. Also Baltimore was an amazing location to record in. The city provides a mixture of eclectic art and visual sadness. The city was definitely an inspiration for the EP.

The Band is proud of "Lost In The Shadows" and we believe we followed our hearts without hesitation. The single "Immortal Love" will definitely turn some heads and help lure people into our vision. I guess i would also have to thank the magical work of Scott Hansen as well. Scott shot our video in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Va. The temperature was in the low 30's when we shot the band performance scenes & dropped even lower during the actual acting scenes. The whole band felt like they were dying throughout the whole process. Now, most bands would have complained and copped out. We kept on trucking like soldiers during the whole process. I was saved a couple of times by hot chocolate and coffee. My lungs didn't appreciate massive quantities of movement in such weather. However, the final product was way beyond our imagination. To be honest I'm amazed by the final product. I think the hardest thing to do in the entertainment industry, especially with music, is to get your point across to another creative person. It's hard enough to create something out of nothing, but then to pass this vision on to another is a whole other story. I think the video captured exactly who we are and what we look like. I'm super proud of our work on it and i think other people will appreciate it as well.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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