Killswitch Engage Singer Howard Jones Leaves Tour

The Rumor mill is churning with the news that Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones has left the band's current tour. The poorly worded statement on the band's website left some fans pondering if Jones had quit the band, but his replacement on the tour posted a message that suggests an illness or injury.

The band's website carried this message on Tuesday: "Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones is leaving the band's current headlining tour with The Devil Wears Prada and Dark Tranquility due to unforeseen circumstances. All That Remains vocalist will be filling in for Jones for a few shows in the interim, until the KsE guys can determine what the plan will be for the remaining tour dates, which are currently scheduled to run through the end of March."

The vague statement left the door open to rumors to start flying, metal site Lambgoat reported "Yes, there are lots of rumors suggesting that Jones has quit Killswitch, but we don't know anything at this point." They had a later update with speculation about an injury or illness, but they made it clear that these were only rumors.

AOL's "metal" site Noise Creep reported that "there is some speculation that Jones is suffering from back pain and will be seeking treatment soon for his injuries." Where that speculation came from wasn't including in their report.

Meanwhile, the man who is filling in for Jones, Phil Labonte wrote on Twitter, "Yep, I'm singing for KsE until HoJo gets better. Not sure how long it'll be, but I'm here 'till they don't need me anymore."

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