Metermaids Say Hello With Free Download

Metermaids present another track off their indie rock sampling mixtape, Hello, recently released as a free download through the group's website.

This time, with "Rust and Sharp Edges", the aggressive rhymes of MC's Swell and Sentence continue over an in-your-face, pulse-raising beat. "We wanted to mirror the mood of the beat, but not over-think it, so we kept it simple and sort of battle-oriented," says Sentence of their latest single. The song is a remix of The Dead Weather's "Treat Me Like Your Mother." Swell explains, "Sentence and I were huge, huge fans of the song and the video, and knew that the remix would fit our style perfectly."

Throughout the song, Metermaids make it clear that they "Got it figured out," as the reoccurring vocal snippet says on the hook. The duo has an undeniable confidence about themselves throughout "Rust and Sharp Edges." "We rarely write songs that are just a lyrical free for all," says Sentence. "When we do, it's always fun.". Among the opening lines of this song, a fair warning is delivered: "We're comin' in, dead bolt the doorway." For those who fail to realize the emergence of something special, a listen to their latest single, filled with raw verses and witty punch lines, should do the trick. Get the song here or - Download the Hello Mixtape Here

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