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Lick Library have announced the launch of the new Jam with Jimi Hendrix Volume 2 guitar tuition DVD. Here is the announcement: When Lick Library began recording the Jimi Hendrix DVD's series they knew that with so many great tracks there would have to be Jam with Jimi Hendrix Volume 2.

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most important and influential musicians of his era. With his raw talent and creativity he is widely considered as the greatest electric guitarist in the history of rock music. Hendrix won many of the most prestigious rock music awards in his lifetime, and has been posthumously awarded many more

Jam with Jimi Hendrix Volume 2 (RRP 27.99) is a double DVD set with over two hours of lessons to help you learn each song the way it was originally played. Also included is a CD of professionally recorded guitar jam tracks for each song allowing you to play along with a full session band. Tracks include :- Spanish Castle Magic, Mr Bad Luck, Lullaby For Summer, Bleeding Heart, Red House, Sunshine Of Your Love and from his very latest new album the track Valley Of Neptune.

This latest DVD has former Joe Satriani pupil Danny Gill taking you through guitar lessons featuring more classic Hendrix tracks. It is a real must for any Hendrix or electric guitar fan and will teach you some of the best classic Hendrix riffs and solos. Danny explains how to play the songs as well as revealing many of the special techniques used by Hendrix. These include double stops, key switches, bending, sliding, slicing, scratching as well as tuning and what equipment to use.

Licklibrary has a comprehensive series of Jimi Hendrix guitar tuition DVDs which includes Learn to Play Jim Hendrix volume 1 and 2, Jam with Jimi Hendrix Volume 1, and Quick Licks Slow Blues in the style of Jim Hendrix. These are available to purchase through www.licklibrary.com along with over 20,000 other guitar tuition products.

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