Rob Zombie Slams Ozzy Osbourne

We all love a good rock feud. Today's comes from our friends at Rock Radio and is between former tourmates Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne: Zombie has slated Ozzy Osbourne for stealing members of his band after drummer Tommy Clufetos left to join the Prince of Darkness' touring outfit the same leap made seven years ago by bassist Blasko, and nearly made by guitarist John 5 last year.

He says the way Ozzy and wife Sharon do business is "kinda rude" but the upside is it led to the recruitment of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison.

"If my guys want to play with other people that's fine. I don't own them. But there's ways to be respectful and ways to be s***ty and I feel the way things have done down lately has been pretty s***ty," Zombie tells Artisan News. "Every time I've lost somebody I've got somebody ten times better, so I'm thankful for that." - more on this story

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