Phish App an iHit

The Live Phish app is a smash iHit. Within 48 hours of its debut, the app was the no. 1 Top Paid Music App on the iTunes Store.

Fans purchasing the $3.99 app at iTunes will receive a free MP3 show download at LivePhish.com (a $10 value) and can access free streams of entire Phish concerts from the LivePhish.com archives.

The Live Phish app comes on the heels of the launch of the band's North American tour at Chicago's Toyota Park last Friday - a show that is currently streaming for free in the app.

As has been the case with all of Phish's shows since 2003, high quality digital downloads of each night of Phish's summer tour are offered within 24 hours of each show at LivePhish.com .

Now, with unparalleled immediacy, fans can stream the show they just attended on the app within an hour of Phish leaving the stage. They can also listen to samples of any show from the tour and purchase them in the app for instant streaming access and stream every show they've ever purchased from LivePhish.com.

Fans can tune in to Phish Radio for a 24/7 stream from the LivePhish.com archives and browse the entire Phish catalog plus the band's live and studio solo projects on the app. In addition, they can check out photos, notes and fan reviews of every show Phish has played since 2002 and more than 50 shows from the band's legendary archives. The official Live Phish app, available at http://bit.ly/LivePhishApp

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