Johnny Marr Helps Score Inception

Inception: Music From The Motion Picture will be released on July 13th, three days before the movie opens in theatres and IMAX. A vinyl edition of the soundtrack will be released on August 3rd.

Zimmer is one of the film industry's most respected and sought-after composers with a career that encompasses more than 100 film and television scores. He previously collaborated with Christopher Nolan on the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. An Academy Award winner for his score for The Lion King, Zimmer has also received seven additional Oscar nominations for his work on Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, Rain Man, As Good as It Gets, The Preacher's Wife and The Prince of Egypt. Among his many honors, Zimmer has also won two Golden Globes and three Grammy Awards.

Inception: Music From The Motion Picture was produced by Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Christopher Nolan, and Alex Gibson. Guitarist Johnny Marr (The Smiths, Modest Mouse, The Cribs) performs on eight of the tracks, including "528491" and "Time," both of which will be available exclusively for purchase as full track downloads on Verizon's VCAST on July 6th. The digital version of the soundtrack will feature two bonus tracks, "Projections" and "Don't Think About Elephants."

Zimmer says, "My goal for the score was to create a complete sonic world to immerse the audienceóbig waves of sound that connect the different layers of dreaming but really focus on a simple emotional thread."

Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in Inception, an original sci-fi actioner that travels around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the best in the dangerous art of extraction: stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossibleóinception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse; their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming. This summer, your mind is the scene of the crime.

A presentation of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, Inception is being distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. Christopher Nolan wrote and directed the film and also produced together with Emma Thomas. Chris Brigham and Thomas Tull served as executive producers. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Dileep Rao and Michael Caine.

The track listing for Inception: Music From The Motion Picture is as follows:

1. Half Remembered Dream
2. We Built Our Own World
3. Dream Is Collapsing
4. Radical Notion
5. Old Souls
6. 528491
7. Mombassa
8. One Simple Idea
9. Dream Within A Dream
10. Waiting for a Train
11. Paradox
12. Time
13. Projections (bonus track)
14. Don't Think About Elephants (bonus track)

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