Runaway City Coming in June

Vertusent is getting ready to release Armored Heart, the debut album from Runaway City on June 22, 2010. This is Vertusent's first signing to the newly formed label and their first release.

Produced by Jason Elgin (Collective Soul, Terrible Things) at Synchromesh Studios in Birmingham, AL, Runaway City shines on their debut recording, which belies their young average age of 22 years old. >From huge rock songs with massive anthems and chorus' to beautifully melodic rock ballads, the band has crafted an album full of high quality, fully realized compositions, a true rarity in this day of flavor of the month songs.

The first single "Fade" is available on iTunes, and will impact radio mid-May. With its anthemic chorus - All the world could fade away / You're the only one I'd miss if you were gone / I just can't believe you don't see what I see in you - is both uplifting and poignant, which is what the band is all about.

Ricketts offers, "We want 'Runaway City' to be a safe haven for people. Whether it be from a lyric of a song or something said from stage, we want to offer a chance to escape all the things going on in their lives and give them a glimpse of hope just for a moment to help them carry on with their day to day."

And the name Runaway City carries that sentiment. It comes from the accounts of ancient Israel. When someone committed a serious crime such as murder, that person had to run away to one of six cities of refuge in order to escape the vengeance of the victim's family. In the city of refuge, one could seek safe haven until given a fair trial. The band explains, "By calling ourselves Runaway City, we want people to see hope. We want to be an escape for people from whatever they may be going through, even if it is for just a 3 minute song."

Runaway City formed in the Greensboro, NC area, specifically a small town called Mount Airy, NC, which is the actual television home of The Andy Griffith Show aka Mayberry, USA. The quintet is made up of Tyler Ricketts (Guitar/Backup Vocals), Chris Burrow (Drums), Josh Edwards (Vocals), Jace Bowman (Lead Guitar), and Jon Thompson (Bass Guitar).

Summer tour dates will be announced soon.

Track Listing For Armored Heart:
1. Daybreak
2. Scars
3. Fade
4. Longing
5. Try
6. Only You
7. Lately
8. No Escape
9. Save Me
10. More Than This

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